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DNSChanger – What is it and what do I do?

Back in March of this year, the news and media outlets were abuzz with talk about the next big malware threat to hit the world’s computers–DNSChanger. While millions of PCs are projected to be infected with this malware, many of … Continue reading

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Getting Lean and Mean through Voice, Video and Data Convergence

Many businesses today rely heavily on the convergence of voice, video and data into a single, integrated communications network. There are several reasons why “convergence” is becoming a necessary business trend. Convergence is a straightforward way to manage a network … Continue reading

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Oilmen’s Equipment Corporation uses Columbus Data for Outsourced IT

Columbus Data has allowed us to outsource our IT needs, while simultaneously improving the overall quality of support for our organization. Their dedicated and knowledgeable team members bring experience and depth to problem solving and project management that exceeds what … Continue reading

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