Broadband Internet: Finding a Balance for How Much Bandwidth Your Business Requires

Broadband Internet is going to be important for how efficient your business becomes. As much as America seems to perpetually run behind other countries in broadband Internet speeds, you will ultimately have various options on how much broadband speed you will have in your company.

Just how much bandwidth will you need for your business? Take a careful look at what kind of company you have and how much Internet your employees might use.

 How much work is done online?

Every business is going to be online in some capacity. The question is how large is your company and what kind of complex technology will your employees be using? Daily use of a VoIP service, for instance, will require a very strong broadband Internet connection in order to field inbound calls. On-site backup systems will also take up considerable bandwidth on a 24-hour basis. As well, if your employees have to do considerable research online or send many emails during working hours, you will need Internet that is fast and reliable.

 What Degree of Use Would Your Business Fall Under?

You might be surprised to learn that a business doing intensive web research and email would generally be considered a light bandwidth user. If that is true of your business, it could be a money saver. Often times, though, a manager might underestimate how much bandwidth they really need based merely on the technology they have. Sometimes employees might require more on certain days and depending on the project.
It is best to closely gauge an average of how much time is typically spent online and which employee may truly need more in comparison to another.

Overall, if you use multiple applications for considerable time during the day, your business will be considered a power user.

Analyzing the Complexity of Your Website

When you are an online business, the bandwidth you will need to maintain your website is going to be based on the design. Site hosting needs can get a little complicated and usually requires hiring an IT consultant to determine what you need. However, if your website has high customer traffic, your company simply needs to spring toward obtaining the fastest and most reliable broadband Internet you can find.

How Much Inbound Traffic Will You Receive?

The business you receive online from customers is an example of why inbound traffic will make a difference in how much bandwidth you need. Other than website hosting, outbound traffic may not be as much of a factor for many companies as it would with inbound communication. When it involves dealing with hundreds of incoming calls, you don’t want to have a slow connection or you will face severe repercussions from frustrated customers. You are going to need the proper bandwidth that helps your business communicate at the most efficient level.

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