Cloud-Based Web Security Addresses Mobile Needs

The rapid evolution of both employee-supplied mobile devices and cloud-based services requires constant attention to the latest developments in web security. Cloud-based security solutions are increasingly effective as applications specifically designed for such use are introduced.

A recent survey found that fully 57 percent of respondents reported issues and problems generated by employees using their own devices in the performance of their duties. Corporate data must be protected in a variety of ways in this ever-changing environment. Apps, files, and SD cards need to be properly scanned to afford an appropriate level of protection.

At the same time, SMB customers may not require the full range of mobile computing solutions that larger enterprises require. Easy cloud-based deployment is a real benefit with the right apps.

Here are some needs that can now be more effectively addressed than ever:

Web Browsing Security — access is blocked to both phishing and malicious sites.

Application Inspection — Apps are scanned to determine if they access sensitive data inappropriately, send SMS or e-mail messages, or track the mobile device’s location.

Unwanted Call & SMS Blocking — The rapid migration to mobile devices has brought about a rapid increase in SMS messages, some from malicious URLs. Both unwanted calls and such SMS messages can be blocked.

Unified Management — Manage both PCs and mobile devices from one source.

Single Point of Support — Android and IOS devices, and PCs, are all supported in one integrated service.

Lost Device Protection — Look for a quick and efficient means for coping with lost or potentially lost mobile devices. Some devices will invariably be lost, and company data must be protected in such situations. Lost devices can be locked and unlocked. Signals can be sent out to help in the recovery of lost devices. Data can be ‘wiped’ from lost devices when necessary.

If you can relate to any of these challenges, please contact us today for more information on cloud-based security solutions for mobile users.

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