Common Threats to PC Security

Because of the growing popularity of cloud storage, many businesses have shifted their focus to their network security because they do not want to put their data at risk. Network security is essential for small businesses that store data on the cloud, but PC security is equally as important for data security.

A Computer Weekly article explains why PC security is so important for small businesses and even notes there may be legal implications for those companies that do not protect their data:

“Small businesses should use adequate computer security mainly because the threats from cyber criminals, hackers and identity theft are very real. Added to this, most small businesses also have a responsibility to their staff and their customers to secure the data they use in the organisation. In fact, regulations such as the Data Protection Act require that personal data is secured and used appropriately.”

So while businesses are now focusing on protecting their data that is stored on the cloud, it’s important to remember that much of that data still may be stored on company computers which can be hacked just as easily. Included in the data may be confidential information about clients, or possible classified business plans and strategy that may end up in the hands of competitors.

Besides hackers, another threat to PC security are viruses, which may result in data loss. Even if your company uses cloud storage and has a disaster recovery plan, security software is required in order to prevent viruses and other malware.

While the threats of PC security haven’t changed, there are now more options to protect your company computers. PC security is often added as a part of a bundle in IT managed services. So when your company is searching for a cloud storage or data protection service, consider whether or not PC security is offered as well. Data protection requires several levels of security, but it’s best to go with one service that offers multiple levels so as to avoid complications and confusions.

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