Communications Infrastructure is Transformed by both VoIP and BYOD

Global subscribers to VoIP services reached the nine figure level in 2012. That’s over 100 million worldwide. Most analysts agree that in 2013 the number will double to over 200 million. This is the year the acronym for “Voice over Internet Protocol” truly enters the lexicon of the vast majority of businesses.


The excitement over VoIP communication services has paralleled the advance of the “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement in business. Employees are rapidly being liberated from their tethered existence at their desks. Now, with mobile device in hand, a worker can perform his/her duties wherever it might be most effective to do so.

Today, the power to collaborate in or out of the office is far better than ever. Day-to-day communications and the sharing, editing and publishing of documents is greatly enhanced. The acronyms VoIP and BYOD will continue to unite to enhance worker productivity as the communications infrastructure is altered forever.

The advantages extend to interoffice endeavors as well. Call center operations, online chat and staff response to Twitter and Facebook posts can be integrated as never before.

Disaster Management

The migration from analog business phone systems to the cloud is truly liberating. Thanks to the cloud, an enterprise’s communications can be managed off-premises by experts and the need to ponder “what if” scenarios for disaster management in-house can be a thing of the past. VoIP services almost always include off-premises redundancy at geographically diverse data centers.

2012 was a year of natural disasters that left some businesses without cloud-based communications disrupted. The intense storms that left millions without power from Ohio to Virginia in July were followed by the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. Businesses that had already transitioned to VoIP services and embraced the Cloud were typically far better able to manage the difficulties that Mother Nature wrought.


The ease of scalability is also compelling with VoIP communications. When a business experiences rapid growth, it needs to respond with expanded communications. New branch locations no longer require carefully coordinated installations of phone equipment and hardware miscalculations during periods of growth no longer need to hinder an enterprise. Today, VoIP offers effortless scalability.

For more information regarding VoIP for your enterprise, please contact us today! We welcome the opportunity to partner with you as you expand your business.

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