Getting Lean and Mean through Voice, Video and Data Convergence

Many businesses today rely heavily on the convergence of voice, video and data into a single, integrated communications network. There are several reasons why “convergence” is becoming a necessary business trend. Convergence is a straightforward way to manage a network and reduces the need for a separate overlay network for voice and video. Also, convergence uses bandwidth in the most efficient way for better overall performance.

It’s not always the big, international organizations that use this convergence of communication to conduct business from various sites worldwide. The small consulting firm in Anytown, USA often uses this technology to conduct meetings and share data with partners. In this economy, businesses are finding creative ways to cut down on overhead costs (such as rental space or relocating talented employees) by investing in these converging technologies.

Voice over IP delivers voice communication and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocal (IP) networks, i.e., the internet. Many businesses opt for Voice over IP (VoIP) as the simplest way to converge all the ways they communicate with each other internally, as well as with their customer base. As a result, their businesses run “lean and mean” which keeps them competitive in their markets.

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