How Cloud Storage Gives Employees More Flexibility and Time to Work

One of the main benefits of cloud storage is that the stored data can be accessed from any device with Internet capabilities, as long as the user has permission to access the files. If a company has cloud storage, employees will be able to continue working on their projects when they are not at the office, which can be beneficial during busy seasons or when deadlines are near. But because employees will not have to access their work documents from their office computer, cloud storage will change the office layout for many companies as employees will not be bound to one computer.

A recent Cloud Tweaks article explains how cloud storage will change day-to-day business operations of many companies. Because employees will have greater access to their files, it may become more common to bring one’s own computer to work and take advantage of this feature of cloud storage:

“One of the primary implications of this paradigm shift has been the separation of “dedicated PC/laptop” from enterprise application/s of the enterprise employee. This would mean that organizations would no longer be able to have tighter controls on what devices they allow at workplace, probably due to popular demand and the fact that employees will, in any case bring their own mobile devices to work.”

While this may seem odd at first, employees being able to bring their own mobile devices to work will allow for more flexibilty. If they are more comfortable working on their own computers, or if their own computers are faster and more customized then their work computers, then they may become more productive at work.

Working from a personal computer can also increase productivity when employees are not at the office, but continue to work on a project when they are at home or too sick to come into work. The most important feature of cloud storage is its flexibility and the possibilities that come along with it.

If you are interested in cloud storage or would like your employees to access their work data from their personal computers, please contact us for more information

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