Importance of Malware Protection in the Cloud

As malware becomes more problematic, so is companies’ concern for protecting confidential information.  Malware threats have gotten worse since everyone is surfing the web.  It used to be on a USB stick or floppy disk.  Now malware is being created all over the world on a daily basis and unleashed all over the web to infect as many computers as possible.  However, malware attacks are not just targeting computers, it’s going after cloud storage.  Since cloud storage is the latest way to back up crucial company information, cyber-thieves are aggressively going after it.  It’s bad to the point where the simple solution of antivirus, firewall and antispyware protection on personal and laptop computers is not enough. Combating those viruses requires help from cloud storage malware protection.

Cloud Malware Protection provides that extra layer of security that shields web threats away from your information.  Every attack is blocked from all angles.  Your information is safe on the inside and the threat is outside.  Threats are quarantined and removed accordingly.  What makes it different from regular antivirus or antispyware software is the location.  Because it’s on the cloud (instead of the desktop) it protects information from a global scale.  It has to be updated at all times to defend the latest threats around the world.

Malware, spyware and virus protection should be provided with cloud storage companies.  If your cloud provider doesn’t provide virus protection as one of their services you have two options: install antivirus protection that protects the cloud or switch to a cloud storage company that has it.  Installing antivirus software that comes with cloud protection is a good idea, but has its limits.  It only works when the computer is online and it doesn’t have endpoint protection.  Switching to another company that has malware and virus protection, however, is an option for anyone who wants information protected 24/7.  Malware doesn’t take a day off and neither will the cloud provider’s virus protection.

Businesses trust their most personal information in the cloud.   A great investment is obtaining malware protection for cloud storage.  Contact us for more information about malware protection and cloud storage.  Your information is too important to bet on a “maybe.”

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