Make Sure You Take Into Account Human Error When Considering Malware Protection

Malware Protection has become a big deal in today’s IT departments. Around the world, the best minds are split on two different sides: those of the antivirus creators and those of the hackers. For years now the two have been locked in a side by side arms race. Every time the antivirus creators come out with a new “fix” the creators of malware defeat it. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent malware from getting on your work machines.

The first is to train your employees on prevention. Most businesses these days think the average employee is smarter than opening random email attachments or downloading random stuff onto their computer. Well, they’re not. People, especially older people, usually need to be taught this. Make sure you have a good training program in place and reinforce regularly to employees that they shouldn’t be clicking links, downloading software or opening strange email attachments at their will. All of these things can and will result in malware ending up on your system.

Another thing that will do a lot to prevent malware is making sure all your computers have antivirus software installed on them. Then, make sure this software is always up-to-date. If you can, make it update automatically and if possible, make sure your employees aren’t physically able to turn this feature off without an admin’s password. In addition, make it difficult or impossible for the software itself to be disabled.

The reason for these tips is simple: Nowadays, antivirus programs are smart and more than ever, viruses rely on human error to infiltrate systems. If you can prevent this human error, you can prevent a great number of viruses, and with that, greatly increase your network security.

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