More Important Than Ever for Businesses to Maintain Backups

Your data is important to keep your business running. It is what keeps your business moving forward. What would happen if your data was corrupted or lost? Do you need backups of your data? Columbus Data can provide your business the services you need to build these backups so you can be free from worry about lost data.

There are many scenarios to consider for losing data. There could be a fire in your office, a natural disaster or malevolent activities. How long would your business be out-of-business because of one of these occurring? All of these scenarios are difficult to prevent, but their solution is easy – a backup.

How do you know which backup service works best for your business needs?

There are two main categories for backups: local and remote.

A local backup is a hardware solution located on-site. This can include having a large array of hard disks, making multiple CDs or DVDs of your data or other methods. This kind of backup solution can be difficult to maintain as well as costly to set up.

A remote back up is one where your data is stored in servers at on off-site location. This includes Cloud based solutions. These kinds of backups are preferable because they are maintained by the service provider personnel rather than by yourself or your employees. They are usually more cost efficient too.

Why does your business need a backup?

A backup provides that extra assurance to your customers that your business is prepared for any situation and can be trusted. It is a great way to demonstrate to your customer about your commitment to their needs and how your business sets itself apart from your competitors.

Columbus Data can provide your business with the right solution for your backup needs. Please contact us for information on how we can keep your business running with a backup solution.

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