VoIP Telephone Systems Weather The Storm

As if the East Coast hasn’t suffered enough damage through hurricanes and other summer/fall storms, during the winter months there are more problems. Winter Storm Nemo, which some are calling a blizzard and others are referring to as a Nor’easter, once again put many businesses on hold while their power was out. Hurricane Sandy did something similar for businesses, causing a complete halt to all business/customer communications while many small business owners stood by hoping that when it was all over, their business would still be standing.

VoIP telephone systems have proven to be a wonderful tool and those businesses that are located in “storm central” are reaping the benefits of having had the foresight to install VoIP. Not only do VoIP telephone systems function through the storm, but they also allow the employees of the business to work at home in the event that weather conditions make it too difficult to get into the office.

For a business owner, losing even one day of business can be a direct hit in the pocketbook. Not only are customers unable to communicate with you, but because they are still in need of the products or services you offer, they might go looking elsewhere for them. If and when they locate a company who can assist them, you risk losing that business.

At Columbus Data, we’re always educating ourselves and taking advantage of all of the advances in technology. VoIP is one of our specialties, and we know how important it is to offer our customers only the best telephone systems that are out there. Regardless of the size of your business, we have a VoIP telephone system that will allow you to continue functioning and making money, even when Mother Nature rears her nasty side.

What could we do for your business? To find out, contact us today, and let’s work out a customized solution together.

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